Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–102.05. Correcting filed record.

(a) A person on whose behalf a filed record was delivered to the Mayor for filing may correct the record if the:

(1) Record at the time of filing contained an inaccuracy;

(2) Record was defectively signed; or

(3) Electronic transmission of the record to the Mayor was defective.

(b) To correct a filed record, the parties to the record shall deliver to the Mayor a statement of correction.

(c) A statement of correction shall:

(1) Not state a delayed effective date;

(2) Be signed by the person correcting the filed record;

(3) Identify the filed record to be corrected or have attached a copy and state the date of its filing;

(4) Specify the inaccuracy or defect to be corrected; and

(5) Correct the inaccuracy or defect.

(d) A statement of correction shall be effective as of the effective date of the filed record that it corrects except as to persons relying on the uncorrected filed record and adversely affected by the correction. As to those persons, the statement of correction shall be effective when filed.

(July 2, 2011, D.C. Law 18-378, § 2, 58 DCR 1720; Mar. 5, 2013, D.C. Law 19-210, § 2(a)(7), 59 DCR 13171.)

Section References

This section is referenced in § 29-102.03, § 29-102.12, § 29-601.11, § 29-608.12, § 29-702.02, § 29-702.06, § 29-802.02, § 29-802.05, § 29-807.06, § 29-1012.13, § 29-1202.02, and § 29-1202.05.

Effect of Amendments

The 2013 amendment by D.C. Law 19-210 substituted “by” for “on behalf of” in (c)(2).

Editor's Notes

Application of Law 19-210: Section 7 of D.C. Law 19-210 provided that the act shall apply as of January 1, 2012.