Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–601.07. Reports.

The Chief Financial Officer shall make an annual report in writing to the Mayor no later than December 31st of each year for the preceding fiscal year. This annual report shall include a statement of the receipts and disbursements of the Office, a summary of its activities, and any additional information and recommendations that the Chief Financial Officer may consider of value to the Mayor or which the Mayor may request. The Chief Financial Officer shall also make such additional reports as the Mayor may reasonably request.

(Mar. 10, 1981, D.C. Law 3-172, § 4, 27 DCR 4736; Oct. 8, 2016, D.C. Law 21-160, § 7072(g), 63 DCR 10775; May 3, 2019, D.C. Law 22-312, § 2(b), 66 DCR 1402.)

Prior Codifications

2001 Ed., § 3-1307

1981 Ed., § 2-2507.