Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3502.11. Services and facilities.

(a) If the Rent Administrator determines that the related services or related facilities supplied by a housing provider for a housing accommodation or for any rental unit in the housing accommodation are substantially increased or decreased, the Rent Administrator may increase or decrease the rent charged, as applicable, to reflect proportionally the value of the change in services or facilities.

(b) If, during a public health emergency that has been declared pursuant to § 7-2304.01, and consistent with applicable law or an order issued by the Mayor pursuant to § 7-2304.01, a housing provider temporarily stops providing:

(1) An amenity that a tenant pays for in addition to the rent charged, then the housing provider shall refund to the tenant pro rata any fee charged to the tenant for the amenity during the public health emergency; or

(2) A service or facility that is lawfully included in the rent charged, then the housing provider shall not be required to reduce the rent charged pursuant to subsection (a) of this section.

(July 17, 1985, D.C. Law 6-10, § 211, 32 DCR 3089; Feb. 24, 1987, D.C. Law 6-192, § 13(c), 33 DCR 7836; Aug. 5, 2006, D.C. Law 16-145, § 2(a), 53 DCR 4889; June 8, 2020, D.C. Act 23-328, § 405(b)(3), 67 DCR 7598.)

Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 45-2521.

Section References

This section is referenced in § 42-3502.08 and § 42-3502.16.

Effect of Amendments

D.C. Law 16-145 substituted “rent charged” for “rent ceiling”.

Expiration of Law

See Historical and Statutory Notes following § 42-3502.01.

Emergency Legislation

For temporary (90 day) amendment of section, see § 2(a) of Rent Control Reform Emergency Amendment Act of 2006 (D.C. Act 16-470, July 31, 2006, 53 DCR 6772).