Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–127.05. Execution of warrants.

Any warrant for search or arrest, issued by any judge of the District, may be executed in any part of the District by any member of the police force, without any backing or indorsement of the warrant, and according to the terms thereof; and all provisions of law in relation to bail in the District shall apply to this chapter.

(R.S., D.C., § 395.)

Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 4-138.

1973 Ed., § 4-138.

Cross References

Arrests, officers pursuing fugitive into District, see § 23-901.

Search warrants, duties under, see § 23-523 et seq.

Search warrants, illegal alcoholic beverages, see § 25-803.

Search warrants, execution under Controlled Substances Act, see § 48-921.02.

Search warrants, time of execution, see § 23-523.

Service of process, Criminal Division of Superior Court, see § 16-703.

References in Text

Pursuant to the District of Columbia Court Reorganization Act of 1970, “judge” was substituted for “magistrate” in this section.