Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–1451.07. Green Building Fund.

(a) There is established a fund designated as the Green Building Fund, which shall be separate from the General Fund of the District of Columbia. All additional monies obtained pursuant to §§ 6-1451.05 and 6-1451.08, and all interest earned on those funds, shall be deposited into the Fund without regard to fiscal year limitation pursuant to an act of Congress, and used solely to pay the costs of operating and maintaining the Fund and for the purposes stated in subsection (c) of this section. All funds, interest, and other amounts deposited into the Fund shall not be transferred or revert to the General Fund of the District of Columbia at the end of any fiscal year or at any other time, but shall continually be available for the uses and purposes set forth in this section, subject to authorization by Congress in an appropriations act.

(b) The Mayor shall administer the monies deposited in the Fund.

(c)(1) The purpose of the Fund is to streamline administrative green building processes, improve sustainability performance outcomes, build capacity of development and administrative oversight professionals in green building skills and knowledge, institutionalize innovation, overcome barriers to achieving high-performance buildings, and continuously promote the sustainability of green building practices in the District.

(2) [The] Fund shall be used for the following:

(A) costs for at least 3 full-time employees at DCRA, or elsewhere as assigned by the Mayor, whose primary job duties are devoted to technical assistance, plan review, and inspections and monitoring of green buildings;

(B) Additional staff and operating costs to provide training, technical assistance, plan review, inspections and monitoring of green buildings, and green codes development;

(C) Research and development of green building practices;

(D) Education, training, outreach, and other market transformation initiatives;

(E) Seed support for demonstration projects, their evaluation, and when successful, their institutionalization; and

(F) Costs incurred to make green building materials accessible to low-income residents.

(3) The Mayor may receive and administer grants for the purpose of carrying out the goals of this chapter.

(Mar. 8, 2007, D.C. Law 16-234, § 8, 54 DCR 377; June 5, 2012, D.C. Law 19-139, § 2(f), 59 DCR 2555; Dec. 3, 2020, D.C. Law 23-149, § 6012, 67 DCR 10493.)

Section References

This section is referenced in § 6-1451.01.

Effect of Amendments

D.C. Law 19-139 rewrote subsec. (c), which formerly read:

“(c) The Fund shall be used as follows:”

“(1) Staffing and operating costs to provide technical assistance, plan review, and inspections and monitoring of green buildings;

“(2) Education, training and outreach to the public and private sectors on green building practices; and

“(3) Incentive funding for private buildings as provided for in § 6-1451.06.”