Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–2335. Extension of licenses and registrations; waiver of deadlines.

Notwithstanding any provision of law during, or within 45 days after the end of, a period time for which the Mayor has declared a public health emergency pursuant to § 7-2304.01, the Mayor, may:

(1) Prospectively or retroactively extend the validity of a license, registration, permit, or authorization, including driver licenses, vehicle registrations, professional licenses, registrations, and certifications;

(2) Waive the deadlines for filings, and waive fees, fines, and penalties associated with the failure to timely renew a license, registration, permit, or other authorization or to timely submit a filing; or

(3) Extend or waive the deadline by which action is required to be taken by the executive branch of the District government or by which an approval or disapproval is deemed to have occurred based on inaction by the executive branch of the District government.

(June 8, 2020, D.C. Act 23-328, § 312, 67 DCR 7598.)