Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1022.01. Establishment of a Recycled Newspaper Fiber Content Advisory Task Force.

(a) There is established a Recycled Newspaper Fiber Content Advisory Task Force (“task force”).

(b) The task force shall advise the Department of Public Works with respect to the statutory requirements for the use of recycled newsprint.

(c) The task force shall convene during the 1st quarter of 1994 and will issue its report by the 3rd quarter of 1994.

(d) The composition of the task force shall be 7 members appointed by the Mayor, as follows:

(1) The Director of the Department of Public Works who shall be the Chair;

(2) 2 representatives of newspaper publishers;

(3) 2 representatives of environmental groups with expertise in recycling;

(4) 1 representative of the recycled newsprint industry; and

(5) 1 representative of an industry, other than newsprint, that uses old newspapers.

(e) The task force shall perform the following responsibilities:

(1) Review the reports filed under § 8-1020;

(2) Consider the following:

(A) Extent of recovery of old newspapers from the District’s waste stream;

(B) Cost to the District to recover and market old newspapers;

(C) Availability and utilization in the District of newsprint containing recycled material; and

(D) Nature and extent of other recycling uses for old newspapers; and

(3) In accordance with paragraph (2) of this subsection, the task force may comment on whether a recycled newsprint law is necessary, and if so, whether the recycled content percentage requirement for newsprint should remain the same or be adjusted. The task force may also consider whether the recycled content requirement encourages manufacturers of virgin newsprint to convert to recycling and whether the requirement adversely affects recycling uses for old newspapers other than the production of newsprint.

(Mar. 16, 1989, D.C. Law 7-226, § 25a; as added July 22, 1992, D.C. Law 9-130, § 2(c), 39 DCR 4054.)

Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 6-3422.1.