Code of the District of Columbia

Part B. Establishing and Clarifying Fishing Authorities.

§ 8–2231.11. Allowable fishing gear types.

(a) Notwithstanding any other law, the Mayor may authorize and license the possession, transport, and use of bows, arrows, spears, and other implements for the capture or killing of any fish.

(b) No person shall possess, transport, or use an implement authorized under this section, unless a license issued pursuant to subsection (a) of this section is in the licensee's physical possession when the licensee is possessing, transporting, or using the implement.

(c) The Mayor may impose civil infraction penalties, fines, and fees for a violation of this section or regulations promulgated pursuant to this section, pursuant to the procedures of Chapter 18 of Title 2.

(d) The Department of Energy and Environment may enter into an agreement with any federal or District agency to work cooperatively on enforcement of this section or a regulation promulgated pursuant to this section.

(e) The Mayor, pursuant to Chapter 5 of Title 2, may issue rules to implement the provisions of this part.

(May 19, 2017, D.C. Law 21-282, § 311, 64 DCR 2055.)

Construction of Law

Section 601 of D.C. Law 21-282 provides that nothing in this act shall be construed to affect an action or proceeding commenced before May 19, 2017.

§ 8–2231.12. Fish consumption advisory.

The Mayor may publish, based on scientific analysis of the composition of fish tissue and other scientific indicators, an advisory recommending the safest means of consuming fish captured in the District's waterways and any recommended consumption limits.

(May 19, 2017, D.C. Law 21-282, § 312, 64 DCR 2055.)