Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–1061.15. Use of voter’s electronic-mail address.

(a) The Board shall request an electronic-mail address from each covered voter who registers to vote after June 5, 2012. An electronic-mail address provided by a covered voter, or by any other District voter, may not be made available to the public or any individual or organization other than an authorized agent of the Board and is exempt from disclosure under subchapter II of Chapter 5 of Title 2. The address may be used only for official communication with the voter about the voting process, including transmitting military-overseas ballots and election materials if the voter has requested electronic transmission, and verifying the voter’s mailing address and physical location. The request for an electronic-mail address must describe the purposes for which the electronic-mail address may be used and include a statement that any other use or disclosure of the electronic-mail address is prohibited.

(b) A covered voter who provides an electronic-mail address may request that the voter’s application for a military-overseas ballot be considered a standing request for electronic delivery of a ballot for all elections held through December 31 of the year of the date of the application or another shorter period that the voter specifies. The Board shall provide a military-overseas ballot to a voter who makes a standing request for each election to which the request is applicable. A covered voter who is entitled to receive a military-overseas ballot for a primary election under this subsection is entitled to receive a military-overseas ballot for the general election.