Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–129.22. Office of the Statehood Delegation.

(a) The Office of the Statehood Delegation (“Office”) is established as an independent agency within the District of Columbia government, consistent with the meaning of the term independent agency as provided in § 1-603.01(13).

(b) The Office shall provide support to the Statehood Delegation in promoting statehood and voting rights for the citizens of the District of Columbia.

(c) The Office shall be headed by an Executive Director who shall be appointed by the Statehood Delegation. The Executive Director shall support the members of the Statehood Delegation and provide administrative support to the Commission.

(d) The Executive Director shall devote his or her full time to the duties of the Office. The salary of the Executive Director shall be determined by the Statehood Delegation, but shall not exceed 75% of the compensation for a Member of the Council as determined by § 1-611.09(b).

(e) For Fiscal Year 2015, the compensation for the Executive Director shall be paid from funds budgeted for Statehood Initiatives under § 1-301.154. Beginning in Fiscal Year 2016, the salary for the Executive Director shall be paid from the New Columbia Statehood Fund, subject to the availability of funds.