Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–1514.02. Reorganization Plan No. 7 of 1996

(Effective December 13, 1996)

I. Purpose

(A) To abolish the International Business Program (IBP) in the Office of Economic Development (OED) and transfer its functions to a newly established Office of International Affairs.

(B) To create the Office of International Affairs (OIA) as an independent subordinate agency within the Executive Office of the Mayor.

(C) To transfer the foreign protocol functions of the Protocol Office (PO), in the Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia (OSDC) to the OIA.

(D) To designate one of the transferred positions as Director of the Office of International Affairs which shall be a subordinate agency head appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council.

(E) To coordinate the international activities of the Office of Tourism and Promotions (OTP) and the Washington Convention and Visitors Bureau, and other District agencies with the OIA.

II. Functions

(A) The Office of International Affairs shall have the following functions:

(1) To attract and bring foreign business and other international trade and investment to the District.

(2) To coordinate the international affairs activities of all District agencies and to provide a point of contact with OIA liaison from other agencies in order to foster cooperation an international affairs involving other agencies.

(3) To be responsible for international protocol including the coordination of the District's activities with visiting international dignitaries.

(B) All functions of the IBP associated with the positions transferred from the IBP, and the international protocol functions of the OSDC are hereby transferred to the OIA.

III. Transfers Two IBP positions and one position from the OTP, associated property, records and unexpended balances of appropriations, allocations, and other funds, of any, that related to the positions and functions assigned herein, shall be transferred to the OIA. All authority for administering activities previously authorized or delegated to the OED and the OSDC, directly related to the functions outlined in Section II above, is hereby transferred to the OIA.

IV. Organization The Director of the Office of International Affairs, in the performance of the duties and functions assigned by this plan, is authorized to establish such organizational components with specified subcomponents as deemed appropriate.

V. Rescission All orders and parts of orders in conflict with any of the provisions of this plan are, to the extent of such conflict, hereby rescinded.

VI. Effective Date This Reorganization Plan No. 7 of 1996 shall become effective in accordance with section 422(12) of the District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act, approved December 24, 1973 (87 Stat. 790; D.C. Code § 1-242(12) [§ 1-204.22], and section 5(c) of the Governmental Reorganization Procedures Act of 1981, effective October 17, 1981 (D.C. Law 4-42; D.C. Code § 1-299.4(c) [§ 1-315.04]).