Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–204.02. Qualifications for holding office.

No person shall hold the office of member of the Council, including the Office of Chairman, unless he: (1) Is a qualified elector; (2) is domiciled in the District and if he is nominated for election from a particular ward, resides in the ward from which he is nominated; (3) has resided and been domiciled in the District for 1 year immediately preceding the day on which the general or special election for such office is to be held; (4) has not been convicted of a felony while holding the office; and (5) holds no public office (other than his employment in and position as a member of the Council), for which he is compensated in an amount in excess of his actual expenses in connection therewith, except that nothing in this clause shall prohibit any such person, while a member of the Council, from serving as a delegate or alternate delegate to a convention of a political party nominating candidates for President and Vice President of the United States, or from holding an appointment in a reserve component of an armed force of the United States other than a member serving on active duty under a call for more than 30 days. A member of the Council shall forfeit his office upon failure to maintain the qualifications required by this section, and, in the case of the Chairman, § 1-204.03(c).