Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–307.82. Establishment of the Captive Insurance Agency.

(a) There is established, as a subordinate agency, the Captive Insurance Agency.

(b) The purpose of the Agency is to:

(1) Provide medical malpractice liability insurance policies for health centers, including coverage for the staff, contractors, and volunteer service providers for the services provided at the health centers; and

(2) Procure real property insurance for District real property assets, personal property insurance for District personal property assets, liability insurance to protect the District against loss arising out of a legal liability to others, and such other insurance policies as the Risk Officer determines necessary to minimize risk of loss to the District.

(c) The liability of the Agency for medical malpractice liability, property insurance policies, and any other policies provided for pursuant to this part shall be limited to the funds in the Captive Trust Fund and the Medical Captive Insurance Claims Reserve Fund.