Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–609.05. Lack of job protection; procedural protection.

*NOTE: This section includes amendments by temporary legislation that will expire on October 7, 2022. To view the text of this section after the expiration of all emergency and temporary legislation, click this link: Permanent Version.*

Employees in the Excepted Service (other than those appointed under the authority of § 1-609.04) do not have any job tenure or protection. After 1 year of average or above average performance as determined under subchapter XIII-A of this chapter, persons appointed under the authority of this subchapter shall be entitled to a notice of at least 15 days when termination is contemplated, which may state the reason therefor. The employee does not have any right to appeal the termination. All other provisions of this chapter apply to Excepted Service employees: Except, that persons employed by the Council of the District of Columbia by personnel authorities identified in § 1-604.06(b)(3)(B) may have their employment relationship terminated by the member or chairperson of a committee of the Council of the District of Columbia employing them, or the Chairman of the Council pursuant to § 1-604.06(c), without further review by way of grievance or adverse action administrative appeals.