Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–610.83. Apprenticeship program requirements.

(a)(1) The apprenticeship sponsor shall register the apprenticeship program with OAIT in accordance with subchapter I of Chapter 14 of Title 32.

(2) An apprenticeship program shall comply with standards, rules, and regulations issued pursuant to § 32-1403; provided, that no apprenticeship agreement may conflict with the terms or conditions of a District employee's employment under this chapter.

(b) An apprenticeship program in a single occupation may have multiple host agencies.

(c) A single host agency, DCHR, or another entity may serve as the apprenticeship sponsor for an apprenticeship program.

(d) All apprenticeship programs shall include life skills training for apprentices.

(e)(1) Federal funding sources shall be used to pay for related technical instruction before local funding sources.

(2) DCHR, OAIT, or the host agency shall request the University of the District of Columbia Community College to provide apprentices with related technical instruction that is not provided directly by the host agency or apprenticeship sponsor.