Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–612.05. Annual leave bank.

(a) There is established within the District of Columbia (“District”) government an annual leave bank. An employee may donate annual leave to the bank and withdraw annual leave from the bank in accordance with §§ 1-612.06, 1-612.07, and 1-612.08 and under guidelines promulgated by the Mayor pursuant to § 1-612.11.

(b) The Mayor shall maintain an overall accounting of deposits and withdrawals to and from the annual leave bank.

(c) Each personnel authority shall keep an accounting of the amount and value of employee donations to and withdrawals from the bank. The accounting shall be provided to the Mayor on a quarterly basis.

(d) A personnel authority may enter into an agreement with another personnel authority to establish an annual leave bank program or to join an already existing annual leave bank program. The personnel authorities shall provide a copy of the written agreement to the Mayor and the Director of Personnel within 10 days of the agreement.