Code of the District of Columbia

§ 10–163. Bathing pools and beaches — Construction authorized; appropriations.

The Director of the National Park Service is authorized and directed to locate and construct in the District of Columbia, subject to the approval of the National Capital Planning Commission, and after consultation with the Commission on the Arts and Humanities, as appropriations shall be provided therefor, artificial bathing pools or beaches, not exceeding 6 in number, with suitable buildings, shower baths, lockers, provisions for the use of filtered water, purification of the water, and all things necessary for the proper conduct of such pools or beaches, and to conduct and maintain the same. The cost of construction of any of these pools or beaches, with buildings and equipment, shall not exceed $150,000 each, and the appropriation of the sums necessary for the purposes named is hereby authorized to be paid in like manner as other appropriations for the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia.