Code of the District of Columbia

§ 10–166.01. Park Policy and Programs Division.

(a) There is established the Park Policy and Programs Division (“Division”) within the Department of Parks and Recreation. The purpose of the Division is to improve the parks and park programs to broaden the use and enjoyment of the parks to enhance the quality-of-life of residents of, and visitors to, the District.

(b) The Division shall be administered by a Chief Park Policy and Programs Officer who shall:

(1) Have authority over its functions and personnel;

(2) Staff, as necessary, the programs and activities of the Division;

(3) Establish a small parks improvement program, which shall:

(A) Categorize, prioritize, and develop systems, options, and processes for pocket-park improvements and long-term maintenance, including sustainability practices; and

(B) In conjunction with the Partnerships & Development divisions, develop partnerships with community-based organizations and Friends groups to assist in small parks improvements, programming, and maintenance;

(4) Establish a community gardens program, which shall:

(A) Support the Mayor’s Sustainable DC initiative to provide healthy, affordable food, by:

(i) Developing standards for community gardens;

(ii) Identifying suitable parcels of land for community gardens; and

(iii) Assisting community groups to implement community gardens; and

(B) Repealed.

(5) In conjunction with the Operations Division, prioritize park improvement projects in the capital improvement program;

(6) In conjunction with the Office of Planning, coordinate the implementation of the District’s responsibilities regarding the park elements of the Capital Space Plan, as adopted by the National Capital Planning Commission on April 1, 2010;

(7) In conjunction with the Department of General Services, inventory all real property park assets under the control of the District; and

(8) Coordinate appropriate government agencies, as needed.