Code of the District of Columbia

§ 16–2305.01. Findings.

The Council finds that:

(1) Juveniles who are not under proper supervision and control or who are arrested for certain nonviolent offenses are likely to endanger their own health, morals, and welfare and the health, morals, and welfare of others.

(2) It shall be the policy of the District of Columbia that with respect to these juveniles the District of Columbia shall be guided by the assumption that juveniles who previously have had little or no contact with the juvenile justice system and who do not represent a danger to the public safety may benefit from an alternative to adjudication that is noncriminal, reformative and protective in nature.

(3) Accordingly, the District of Columbia recognizes the appropriateness of alternatives to adjudication, which may include diversion programs and services, for certain juveniles who are in need of supervision or who are arrested for certain nonviolent offenses. The remedies and procedures provided herein shall not be in derogation of parental rights and responsibilities under existing laws.