Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1003. Comprehensive plan.

(a) The Commission is hereby charged with the duty of preparing and adopting a comprehensive, consistent, and coordinated plan for the National Capital, which plan shall include the Commission’s recommendations or proposals for federal developments or projects in the environs, and those District elements, or amendments thereto, of the comprehensive plan adopted by the Council and with respect to which the Commission has not determined a negative impact to exist, which elements or amendments shall be incorporated into such comprehensive plan without change. The Commission shall collaborate with the National Capital Regional Planning Council in the development of those elements of the plan for the National Capital. While consistency between the respective proposals of the Commission and the National Capital Regional Planning Council shall be sought, lack of action or agreement by the National Capital Regional Planning Council shall not prevent the Commission from adopting any part of its plan or any recommendation or proposal for federal developments or projects in the environs. The Commission may include in its plan any portion of any plan adopted by the National Capital Regional Planning Council or any planning agency in the environs and from time to time make recommendations of collateral interest to the National Capital Regional Planning Council or to the aforesaid agencies.

(b) The Commission may, as the work of preparing the comprehensive plan progresses, adopt any element or a part or parts thereof and from time to time shall review and may amend or extend the plan, in order that its recommendations may be kept up to date.

(c)(1) Prior to the final adoption of the comprehensive plan or any element thereof, or any subsequent revision, the Commission shall present such plan, element, or revision to the appropriate federal or District of Columbia authorities for comment and recommendations. Presentation of proposed revisions may at the Commission’s discretion be made annually in a consolidated form. The said recommendations by federal and District of Columbia authorities shall not be binding on the Commission, but it shall give careful consideration to such views and recommendations as are submitted prior to final adoption. The Commission may, in addition and at its discretion, periodically provide opportunity by public hearings, meetings, or conferences, exhibitions and publication of its plans, for review and comments by nongovernmental agencies or groups, and, in consultation with the District of Columbia Council, encourage the formation of 1 or more citizen advisory councils.

(2) In carrying out its planning functions with respect to federal developments or projects in the environs, the Commission may act in conjunction and cooperation and enter into agreements with any state or local authority or planning agency, as the Commission may deem necessary, to effectuate the adoption of any plan or proposal and secure its realization.