Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–131. Regulation of electricity; examination fees; exemption of public utilities.

The Council of the District of Columbia shall have power to make from time to time such rules and regulations respecting the production, use and control of electricity for light, heat, and power purposes in the District of Columbia not inconsistent with existing laws, as in its judgment will afford safety and convenience to the public; and the Council is further authorized and empowered to prescribe such fees for the examination of the electrical wiring, machinery, and appliances in buildings as it may deem proper, to be paid to the Director of the Department of Finance and Revenue of the District of Columbia, and any such rules and regulations shall after promulgation have the effect and force of law: Provided, that nothing in §§ 2-131 to 2-133 contained shall apply to any electric company or electricity supplier facility or equipment engaged in the production, transmission, or distribution of electric current for public service or use.