Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1403.16a. Civil actions by the Attorney General.

*NOTE: This section was created by temporary legislation that will expire on November 19, 2022.*

In a civil action initiated by the Attorney General for violations of this unit, other than an action brought under § 2-1403.07, the Attorney General:

(1) May obtain:

(A) Injunctive relief, as described in § 2-1403.07;

(B) Civil penalties, up to the amounts described in § 2-1403.13(a)(1)(E-1), for each action or practice in violation of this unit, and, in the context of a discriminatory advertisement, for each day the advertisement was posted, and;

(C) Any other form of relief described in § 2-1403.13(a)(1); and

(2)(A) May seek subpoenas for the production of documents and materials or for the attendance and testimony of witnesses under oath, or both, which shall contain the information described in § 1-301.88d(b); and

(B) Shall follow the procedures described in § 1-301.88d(c), (d), and (e); provided, that the subpoenas are not directed to a District government official or entity.