Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1517.52. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services behavioral health and compliance report.

The Mayor shall submit a report to the Council by March 30 of each year, which shall include:

(1) The number of youth:

(A) Who were committed to the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (“DYRS”) during the previous calendar year;

(B) Who received the required behavioral health screening;

(C) Whose behavioral health screening identified a need for further behavioral health assessment;

(D) Who received a behavioral health assessment; and

(E) Who were referred to appropriate services;

(2) The reasons why a committed youth in DYRS did not receive the required behavioral health screening or behavioral health assessment, if any; and

(3) If necessary, recommendations on how DYRS can ensure that all of its committed youth are receiving the required behavioral health screenings and behavioral health assessments along with an estimate of the time it will take to meet that requirement.