Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–1433. Commission responsibilities and duties.

(a) Commissioners shall advise the Mayor, the Council, and Council committees concerning:

(1) Proposals for uniform and model state laws;

(2) The effect that the proposals would have on the laws of the District of Columbia; and

(3) Other matters pertinent to the desirable uniformity in legislation between the District and other jurisdictions.

(b)(1) Each commissioner shall attend the meetings of the NCCUSL and, both within and out of the NCCUSL, do all in his or her power to promote uniformity in state laws in all subjects in which uniformity is desirable and practicable.

(2) Each commissioner may:

(A) Participate in all the activities of the NCCUSL;

(B) Participate in the votes of the states and other votes of the NCCUSL;

(C) Be appointed to serve on any committee of the NCCUSL; and

(D) Be appointed or elected to any office of the NCCUSL.

(3) The District may expend funds necessary to cover the costs of commissioners’ attendance at the annual meeting as required under paragraph (1) of this subsection, the annual dues for the NCCUSL, and any other expenses as required.

(c) The commissioners shall submit a report to the Mayor, the Chairperson of the Council, and the Chief Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia after each annual meeting, and from time to time thereafter as the commissioners consider proper, summarizing the activities of the Commission and the NCCUSL during the previous year.