Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–641.04. Commission on Poverty; meetings and listening sessions.

(a) The Commission shall meet on a regular basis, as determined by the Chairperson, but at least 6 times annually, with 4 of those meetings being listening sessions.

(b)(1) The listening sessions shall be located in communities with a high concentration of persons in poverty. The Commission shall seek the testimony of:

(A) Individuals who have been impacted by poverty and related injustices;

(B) Policy advocates;

(C) Direct-service providers;

(D) Community leaders; and

(E) Faith and religious leaders.

(2) The purpose of the listening sessions shall be to:

(A) Document the material conditions of poverty and related issues in communities with high concentrations of persons in poverty and the impact of such conditions on residents and the community at large; and

(B) Assess the resources that already exist in the community, including leadership, grass-roots efforts, and overall resilience to determine how the District could assist the community in addressing poverty and its effects.