Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–651. Establishment of the Commission on Fashion Arts and Events.

There is established a Commission on Fashion Arts and Events (“Commission”) to advise the Mayor, the Council, and the public on the views and needs of the fashion and beauty communities in the District. The Commission shall implement the following programs and initiatives:

(1) Promoting the District as a location for holding fashion and beauty events, which will enhance the District’s economic development through tourism, cultural affairs, job opportunities, entertainment, business development, and national and international exposure;

(2) Providing community initiatives to benefit school-aged children living in the District, including encouraging the pursuit of career technical skills and higher education by implementing a school-based program in the fields of fashion design, merchandising, and beauty, and offering scholarships and internships to students pursuing careers in beauty and fashion industries to help students in transitioning from school to career;

(3) Making recommendations on fashion retail development projects throughout the city, including researching and making recommendations for the development, construction, and implementation of a Fashion Retail Corridor that will serve as a centralized shopping destination featuring local, national, and international fashion designers and boutiques in the District; and

(4) Creating partnerships between the fashion and business communities that will stimulate economic development through targeted fashion marketing, workforce development, and training and business development, and reposition the District as a fashion destination.