Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–663. Duties of the Director.

The Director shall:

(1) Serve as a liaison to nightlife establishments regarding District government policies and procedures, and, in that capacity:

(A) Provide information and assistance to nightlife establishments about existing District policies and procedures for responding to complaints; and

(B) Serve as a point of contact for nightlife establishments to help such establishments connect with District government agencies on matters of concern, including consumer complaints, problems with District government agencies, and obtaining relevant licenses, permits, or approvals;

(2) Advise and assist the Mayor, Council, and District government agencies with functions affecting nightlife establishments;

(3) Review information obtained from District government agencies on complaints against and citations issued to nightlife establishments and develop recommendations to address recurring problems or trends;

(4) Serve as the intermediary when any issues arise between the District government, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, residents, and nightlife establishments;

(5) Obtain and provide to the Department of Employment Services information relating to the workplace conditions of nightlife establishments;

(6) Identify practices that promote the safety and security of nightlife establishments' patrons and workers and nearby residents, and provide information to nightlife establishments on how to implement such practices;

(7) Provide information to nightlife establishments on training programs for preventing sexual harassment and assault in the workplace;

(8) Provide input to the District Department of Transportation, the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, and the Office of Planning in furthering the development of accessible and safe nighttime transportation options;

(9) Provide input to the Office of Planning for the creation and preservation of creative spaces in the District;

(10) Attend Commission meetings and provide updates to the Commission on the Office's activities, and consult with the Commission on policies that affect the creative industry, including nightlife establishments and residents living near such establishments;

(11) Beginning in 2020, submit to the Mayor, Chairman of the Council, and Commission, by March 1 each year, a report detailing actions undertaken by the Office during the previous calendar year (or, in the case of the 2020 report, from the Office's establishment) and providing any recommendations the Director has pursuant to this section; and

(12) Perform other duties, consistent with the purpose of the Office, as the Commission may request.