Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–733. Duties of the Commission.

(a) The Commission shall:

(1) Serve as an advocate for fathers, men, and boys residing in the District by advising and making recommendations to the Mayor and the Council concerning the needs of District residents related to or concerning fathers, men, and boys;

(2) Research, review, maintain, and disseminate empirical data, statistics, and facts concerning or attributable to fatherhood and family social economic issues;

(3) Stimulate and encourage the dialogue of responsible fatherhood and spur community initiatives to combat fatherlessness;

(4) Prepare and recommend to the Mayor and the Council an annual plan of programs and services focused on issues directly related to fathers, men, and boys;

(5) Work with District agencies, the private sector, and local communities to promote a healthier societal impact on fathers, men, and boys; and

(6) Nominate special advisors to serve and provide technical and expert advice on specific and particular matters relevant to the functions of the Commission.

(b) The Commission shall devise policies and procedures that will effectively address the social economic concerns of fathers, men, and boys, including:

(1) Employment;

(2) Poverty;

(3) Fatherlessness and responsible fatherhood;

(4) Family law;

(5) Health and well-being; and

(6) Rehabilitation and reintegration.

(c) The Commission may apply for and receive grants to fund programs and initiatives in accordance with procedures relating to grants management, District government statutes, regulations, Mayor’s Orders, and procedures as specified by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, the Office of Partnerships and Grant Services, and the Office of Contracting and Procurement and to recommend to the Mayor and Council applications for federal grants-in-aid for fatherhood, children, and family initiatives.

(d) The Commission may accept private gifts and donations to carry out the purposes of this chapter in compliance with the procedures and requirements of the Office of Partnerships and Grant Services.