Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–2231.07. Illegal dealing in premiums; excess charges for insurance.

(a) Subject to the acceptance of the risk by the insurer, no person shall willfully collect a premium or charge for insurance which is not then provided, or is not in due course to be provided, by an insurance policy issued by an insurer.

(b) No person shall willfully collect as a premium or charge for insurance a sum in excess of the premium or charge specified in the policy and applicable to such insurance in accordance with the classifications and rates as filed with and approved by the Commissioner. In a case where the classifications, premiums, or rates are not required to be filed and approved, the premium or charge shall not be in excess of that specified in the policy and fixed by the insurer. This subsection shall not prohibit a reasonable fee or charge for insurance premium payment plans, regardless of the number of installment payments involved.