Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–2351.02. Scope.

(a) The following are exempt from this chapter:

(1) Warranties;

(2) Maintenance agreements;

(3) Warranties, service contracts, or maintenance agreements offered by public utilities on their transmission devices to the extent they are regulated by the Public Service Commission;

(4) Service contracts sold or offered for sale to persons other than consumers; and

(5) Service contracts on tangible property where the tangible property for which the service contract is sold has a purchase price of $100 or less, exclusive of sales tax.

(b) Motor vehicle manufacturer's service contracts on the motor vehicle manufacturer's products need only comply with §§ 31-2351.03(h)(1), 31-2351.04(a), 31-2351.05(d) through (l), 31-2351.06, and 31-2351.10, as applicable. Motor vehicle manufacturers are exempt from the registration requirement of § 31-2351.03(d).

(c) The types of agreements referred to in this section and service contracts governed pursuant to this chapter are not insurance.