Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–4409. Amendment of articles of incorporation.

Any company may amend its articles of incorporation upon publishing notice of such intention, authorized by a majority of its directors, once a week for 3 consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the District, and with the written consent of stockholders representing at least two thirds of the capital stock entitled to vote, or two thirds of its members present in person or by proxy at a meeting called for that purpose if it does not have capital stock, and by observing such other and further requirements in that behalf as may be prescribed in its articles of incorporation. Such amendment shall be signed and acknowledged by the president and secretary or like officers of the company, and, with a copy of the proceedings of the stockholders or members, if any, and of the directors, shall be filed with the Commissioner and by him submitted to the Corporation Counsel, and if he finds the amendment and proceedings in conformity with the law, he shall so certify to the Commissioner. The amendment shall not take effect until the Commissioner shall deliver to the company his certified copy of the amendment and of the certificate of the Corporation Counsel.