Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–5051.05. Penalties.

(a) A vendor shall report any violation of this chapter to the Commissioner within 30 days of discovery of the violation by the vendor.

(b) If a vendor of portable electronics or its employee or authorized representative violates any provision of this chapter, the Commissioner may:

(1) After notice and hearing, impose fines not to exceed $2,500 per violation or a $10,000 maximum fine in the aggregate for such conduct; and

(2) After notice and hearing, impose other penalties that the Commissioner considers necessary and reasonable to carry out the purpose of this chapter, including:

(A) Suspending the privilege of transacting portable electronics insurance pursuant to this section at specific business locations where violations have occurred; and

(B) Suspending or revoking the ability of individual employees or authorized representatives to act under the limited lines license.