Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–1623. Requirement to share information.

District agencies that manage, administer, oversee, or fund workforce development or adult education programs covered pursuant to § 32-1622(c) shall transmit to the WIC the information necessary to create the guide no later than 60 days after receiving a request from the WIC for such information; provided, that:

(1) An agency shall not be required to disclose information specifically protected from disclosure to another agency pursuant to District or federal law;

(2) An agency shall not be required to transmit individual-level or personally identifiable information without a legally executed memorandum of understanding or similar legal instrument;

(3) All agencies shall comply with all relevant privacy laws and no personally identifiable information shall be publicly released or made publicly available; and

(4) The Public Charter School Board shall not be required to transmit the information required by this subchapter, although the WIC may request such information from the Public Charter School Board.