Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–173.02. Establishment of the Jobs First DC Pilot Program.

(a) There is established a Jobs First DC Pilot Program for the purpose of issuing grants to assist in the placement of at least 300 District residents in unsubsidized permanent employment and to fund 12 months of job retention support.

(b) The Program shall provide participants the following assistance:

(1) Assessment and evaluation of their job history, skills, education, housing, and mental health barriers;

(2) Information and referral to support services, as defined by 20 CFR § 651.10;

(3) Career services, as described in section 134(c)(2) of WIOA (29 U.S.C. § 3174(c)(2));

(4) Resume development;

(5) Employment-readiness skills development;

(6) Interview preparation;

(7) Job search and application submission;

(8) Job referrals as described in 20 CFR § 651.10, to unsubsidized permanent employment opportunities;

(9) Job interview follow-up and feedback;

(10) Employment orientation paperwork completion;

(11) Professional networking coaching; and

(12) Twelve months of employment retention support.

(c) The Program may provide participants the following assistance:

(1) Digital literacy skills development;

(2) Review of credit scores and creation of a plan to improve a participant's credit score; and

(3) Review of criminal history records and creation of a plan to ameliorate the effects of or correct a participant's criminal record.