Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–243. Training and work experience in persistent problem areas of the District.

(a) Commencing 30 days after October 20, 2005, and subject to the annual appropriation of funds, the Mayor shall establish and operate a year round program to provide domiciliaries of the District of Columbia between the ages of 14 and 24 years with training and work experience in both the public and private sectors of the economy. The Mayor shall target the services of this program to those youth residing in persistent problem areas of the District where such factors as crime, lack of economic development, and high unemployment create a particular need for the services of this program.

(b) Youth participants shall be certified by the Department of Employment Services as to residence and income. Priority in the selection of participants shall be given to hard-to-serve youth residing in persistent problem areas of the District that the Mayor may further identify by executive order.

(c) Youth participants shall be assessed for work experience placement suitability at the time of entry into the program and shall receive case management services during their period of participation in the program.

(d) Based upon the initial assessment, youth participants may be referred to and shall successfully complete employment counseling, leadership and life skills training, pre-employment training, or occupational skills training in demand occupations prior to placement in paid work.

(e) After participants have been assessed and determined to be ready for placement in work experience, they shall be placed in available work positions that pay stipends, training wages or wages in such amounts as the Mayor may determine to be appropriate for the work position and participant.

(f) The Mayor shall also provide participants with job development services, job retention counseling, and unsubsidized job placement assistance.