Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–607. Orders to remain in force pending appeal; suspension of order.

All orders and decisions of the Commission shall remain in full effect, except as provided in § 34-604 hereof, unless and until they are suspended, superseded, or rescinded by the Commission or are vacated by lawful order of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals; provided, that if in any petition made to the said Court appealing from an order or decision of the Commission it be alleged that substantial and irreparable property loss would be occasioned to the petitioner by the operation of the said order pending the determination of the said appeal, the Court shall set a time and place for hearing upon the said allegation after not less than 3 days notice to the Commission (during which period the execution of the order or decision shall be stayed), and the said Court may then, upon a clear showing of the irreparable and substantial property loss as alleged, suspend the effective date of the said order. No such suspension shall be for a greater period than 60 days without further order after notice or hearing by the Court. In the event of the issuance of an order suspending the operation of any order of the Commission, the Court may include therein such provision as it deems advisable for the preservation of records or accounts and the impounding or otherwise securing of moneys necessary to give effect to the order of the Commission in the event the said order is sustained.