Code of the District of Columbia

§ 35–101. Disposition of property — Sale of unclaimed freight and baggage.

Whenever any freight, baggage, or other property transported by a common carrier to, or deposited with a common carrier at, any point in the District of Columbia, shall remain unclaimed by the owner or consignee, or the charges thereon shall remain unpaid for the space of 6 months after arrival at the point to which the same shall have been directed or transported, or after deposit as aforesaid, and the owner or person to whom the same is consigned, or by whom the same shall have been deposited, shall, after notice of such arrival, or after notice to take away such property so deposited, neglect or refuse to receive the same and pay the charges thereon within such period of 6 months, then it shall be lawful for such carrier to sell such freight, baggage, or other property at public auction, after giving 3 weeks notice of the time and place of sale, once a week for 3 successive weeks, in a newspaper published in the District of Columbia.