Code of the District of Columbia

§ 35–246. Adult learners transit subsidy.

(a) Subject to available funds, the Mayor shall establish a program ("Adult Learners Program") for students of adult learning programs to receive subsidized fares on the Metrorail system, Metrobus system, and public transit services operated by the District government.

(b) To be eligible to participate in the Adult Learners Program, a student shall be:

(1) Eighteen years of age or older;

(2) A District resident;

(3) Not eligible for a free fare pursuant to § 35-243 or § 35-244; and

(4) Enrolled in an adult learning program that is operated by or receives funding from:

(A) A local education agency in the District, including the District of Columbia Public Schools or a public charter school;

(B) The District of Columbia Public Library;

(C) The Office of the State Superintendent of Education; or

(D) The University of the District of Columbia Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning Program.

(c) Beginning in Fiscal Year 2020, an eligible student shall receive a subsidy equal to at least $70 per month for each month the student is enrolled in an adult learning program.