Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–601.11. Budget.

(a)(1) The Chief Financial Officer shall submit to the Mayor a consolidated budget covering all anticipated income, expenses (including all start-up costs), and capital outlays of the Office, which budget shall show the net amount for which it requests an appropriation.

(2) The net amount for which the Chief Financial Officer requests an appropriation shall be the difference between the anticipated expenses for the coming fiscal year, including debt service for capital expenses and a reserve for bad debts, as shown in the consolidated budget, and the anticipated income shown in that budget.

(b)(1) The budget shall be submitted on the date that all District government agencies are required to submit their budgets to the Mayor.

(2) The Mayor shall transmit to the Council the budget as requested by the Chief Financial Officer. The Mayor may also submit a modified budget, as the Mayor considers appropriate.