Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–601.30. Standards for bingo cards.

A standard set of bingo cards shall consist of at least 3,000 cards numbered in sequence. Each card in a set differs from all others with respect to the distribution of playing numbers. Any number of cards may be supplied to a licensed organization and sold or rented to players at any bingo occasion, provided that all cards so supplied or sold or rented are drawn from a standard set of bingo cards. On a bingo card there shall be 25 playing spaces which shall be contained within an area not less than 4 square inches. Before any bingo card becomes the property of any person, firm, partnership, association, organization, or corporation licensed to conduct bingo by the Office, there shall be imprinted or otherwise permanently marked on it a symbol assigned to the supplier by the Office and the name of the licensed person, firm, partnership, association, organization, or corporation which owns such cards. Such symbol and name need not be marked more than once on such cards. The Office shall adopt such other definitions and standards for special bingo cards, groupings of cards, and methods of securing numbers as it deems necessary. No advertising matter shall be printed or otherwise marked on any bingo card or grouping of bingo cards, except the name, mark or symbol of its manufacturer or printer, the code symbol of its licensed supplier, and the name of the licensed organization which owns it.