Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–2023.02. Annuity for unremarried widow or widower.

The unremarried widow or widower of an employee: (1) Who had completed at least 10 years of service creditable for retirement purposes under part A of this subchapter; (2) who died before May 1, 1952; and (3) who was at the time of his death: (A) subject to an act under which annuities granted before May 1, 1952, were or are now payable from the District of Columbia Teachers’ Retirement and Annuity Fund; or (B) retired under such act; shall be entitled to receive an annuity. In order to qualify for such annuity, the widow or widower shall have been married to the employee for at least 5 years immediately prior to his death and must be not entitled to any other annuity from the District of Columbia Teachers’ Retirement and Annuity Fund based on the service of such employee. Such annuity shall be equal to one half of the annuity which the employee was receiving on the date of his death if retired, or would have been receiving if he had been retired for disability on the date of his death, but shall not exceed $750 per annum and shall not be increased by the provisions of this or any other prior law. Any annuity granted under this section shall cease upon the death or remarriage of the widow or widower.