Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–2902. Applicability of Formula.

(a) The Formula shall apply to operating budget appropriations for District of Columbia resident students in DCPS and Public Charter Schools of the District of Columbia. The student count to which the Formula is applied shall not include students enrolled in private institutions providing special education services paid by the District of Columbia or to nonresident students subject to the requirement of paying tuition pursuant to Chapter 3 of this title.

(b) The Formula shall apply only to operating budget appropriations from the District of Columbia General Fund for DCPS and for Public Charter Schools; except, that, for Fiscal Year 2022, the Formula shall not apply to funding allocated to a DCPS school to meet the requirement of § 38-2907.01(a)(2) that the school be provided with not less than 95% of its prior year allocation of Formula funds. It shall not apply to funds from federal or other revenue sources, or to funds appropriated to other agencies and funds of the District government.

(c) The Formula shall apply only to Public Charter Schools until the DCPS student enrollment count is verified by an independent contractor who shall perform a census on the student enrollment of the DCPS. The count shall include the information provided in § 38-1804.02(b).