Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–2905.01(Perm). Supplement to foundation level funding on the basis of the count of at-risk students.

(a) In addition to the grade level and supplemental allocations provided pursuant to §§ 38-2904 and 38-2905, additional allocations shall be provided on the basis of the count of students identified as at-risk.

(b) The additional allocations required by subsection (a) of this section shall be calculated by applying a weighting factor, as determined by the Mayor, to the foundation level.

(c) The weighting for at-risk students shall be applied cumulatively in the counts of students who fall into more than one of the formula weighting categories; provided, that for students identified as both as at-risk and as participating in an alternative program or as adult learners, only the alternative program weighting shall apply.

(d) Beginning December 31, 2023, and annually thereafter, every local education agency that is allocated funds pursuant to this section shall provide the Office of the State Superintendent of Education with data related to expenditures of such funds consistent with reporting standards established by the Department of Education pursuant to s§ 38-191(b)(10).