Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–116. Children over whom Board shall have supervision.

Said Board of Public Welfare shall have the care and supervision of the following classes of children:

(1) All children committed under § 44-1509;

(2) All children who are destitute of suitable homes and adequate means of earning an honest living, all children abandoned by their parents or guardians, all children of habitually drunken or vicious or unfit parents, all children habitually begging on the streets or from door to door, all children kept in vicious or immoral associations, all children known by their language or life to be vicious or incorrigible whenever such children may be committed to the care of the Board by the Family Division of the Superior Court; provided, that the laws regulating the commitment of children to the training schools of the District shall not be deemed to be repealed in any part by this section;

(3) Such children as the Board of Trustees of the National Training School for Boys may, in their discretion, commit to the Board of Public Welfare, and power is hereby given the Board of Trustees of the said School to commit any inmate thereof to the said Board of Public Welfare, conditionally upon the good behavior of the child so committed;

(4) Under the rules to be established by the Council of the District of Columbia children may be received and temporarily cared for pending investigation or judgment of the court.