Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–1341.04. Powers and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.

(a) The Board of Directors shall:

(1) Administer the Trust Fund;

(2) File such papers as may be required by the Recorder of Deeds of the District of Columbia;

(3) Have the power to adopt, amend, or repeal bylaws for operation of the Trust Fund;

(4) Remove a member by a 2/3rd vote of the remaining members of the Board of Directors;

(5) Meet not less than quarterly at a time to be determined;

(6) Assess service needs and gaps relative to child abuse and child neglect prevention programs in the District;

(7) Develop and implement program recommendations in order to address identified service needs;

(8) Develop and implement proposal solicitation and establish criteria for the awarding of grants to meet identified service needs;

(9) Review, approve, and monitor the expenditure of the Trust Fund and child abuse and child neglect prevention programs;

(10) Assist in providing information to the public about the purpose and work of the Trust Fund;

(11) Hire and monitor an executive director of the Trust Fund; and

(12) Invite comments and recommendations at least annually from interested child advocacy coalitions and community organizations to review the Trust Fund’s program plans.

(b) Administrative expenses shall not exceed 10% of the funds available in the Trust Fund.

(c) One year after its original formation, the Board of Directors shall develop a District-wide plan for the distribution of funds from the Trust Fund. The plan shall be developed annually. The plan shall assure a distribution of funds to services that reach children in all geographic areas of the District. The plan shall be transmitted to the Mayor and Chairman of the Council.