Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–217.09. Condition of eligibility — Exception to cooperation.

(a) An applicant for or recipient of aid shall be required to comply with the requirements of § 4-217.08, unless such applicant or recipient is found to have good cause for refusing to so cooperate as determined by the Mayor, in accordance with standards prescribed by the Mayor, and which standards shall take into consideration the best interests of the child on whose behalf aid is claimed.

(b) The Mayor shall make a timely determination of whether good cause exists.

(c) The agency administering assistance shall promptly report any information to the IV-D agency that is provided by the applicant or recipient that relates to a good cause determination.

(d) Assistance shall not be denied, delayed, reduced, or discontinued pending a determination of good cause for refusal to cooperate if the applicant or recipient has made a good faith effort to substantiate the claim.

(e) An applicant or recipient may claim good cause for noncooperation at any time. An applicant’s or recipient’s decision not to claim good cause shall not preclude the applicant or recipient from claiming good cause at a later date.