Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–651.09. Community Resource Inventory Program.

(a) Beginning October 1, 2018, there is established a Community Resource Inventory Program ("CRIP"), which shall be administered by DHCF, in consultation with OSSE, FEMS, community partners engaged in resource inventory development, and stakeholders identified by the 2018 State Medicaid Health IT Plan, to develop, design, and deploy a web-based, bi-directional community resource inventory that:

(1) Is accessible to health and social support organizations and District government agencies;

(2) Has the capacity to allow participating entities to communicate and track referrals;

(3) Includes all District-operated and District-funded programs;

(4) Operates in a publicly accessible, non-proprietary, machine-readable, and interoperable data format;

(5) Screens residents for behavioral health, developmental health, and social determinants of health needs;

(6) Shares screening results with the database established pursuant to § 4-651.04(b); and

(7) Refers residents to appropriate federal, District, and community resources to address their health care needs, including to primary care providers participating in the Healthy Steps Pediatric Primary Care Demonstration Program established pursuant to § 4-651.02.

(b) DHCF shall designate a point of contact for the CRIP to coordinate with other District agencies and community partners to leverage existing data assets and establish interoperability with existing information systems.

(c) Within 180 days after October 30, 2018, DHCF shall submit a report to the Mayor and the Council that describes the implementation of the CRIP and its plan to leverage existing resource data assets and establish interoperability between the community resource inventory and existing information systems.

(d) Not Funded.