Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–110.11. Special requirements for ALRs with 17 beds or more.

(a) An ALR that provides sleeping accommodations for more than 16 residents shall comply with this subchapter.

(b) The ALR may be free-standing or a distinct part of an institutional occupancy.

(c) The ALR shall be responsible for providing or coordinating personalized care to individuals who reside in their own living units (which may include dually occupied units) which may or may not include a kitchenette or living rooms and which contain bedrooms.

(d) Living units may or may not include bathrooms; except that, no more than 4 residents shall share a common bathroom. Shared bathrooms shall be in close proximity and on the same floor as living units or bedrooms.

(e) Living units or bedrooms may be locked at the discretion of the residents, except when the resident’s assessment documents indicate otherwise.

(f) An ALR shall have a central dining room, living room or parlor, and common activity center (which may also serve as living rooms or dining rooms).

(g) An ALR providing 17 beds or more shall be in compliance with section 512 of Title 12 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, making the facility accessible to residents with physical disabilities and aged residents.

(h) An ALR shall ensure that all food is prepared and served in accordance with Chapters 20 through 24 of Title 23 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations and shall organize plumbing facilities to insure that food is processed and served so as to be safe for human consumption.