Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–1818.03. City-wide joint business activity strategy agreements.

(a) Within 180 days of [October 9, 2012], the Mayor shall enter into a BAS agreement with a Qualified Social E-Commerce Company and certify the agreement as required by § 47-1818.04 and submit it to the Council as required by § 47-1818.05.

(b) The Mayor shall ensure that the BAS agreement provides:

(1) That the Qualified Social E-Commerce Company will leverage its activities to assist retail businesses along disrupted corridors;

(2) For the coordination of the Qualified Social E-Commerce Company’s offering of technology, marketing, social media, and other training opportunities for District of Columbia small businesses;

(3) For the development of engineering-related programs to recruit, train, and retain software developers in the District of Columbia; and

(4) For the Qualified Social E-Commerce Company’s participation in hiring STEM students as part of the Summer Youth Employment Program established pursuant to § 32-241.

(c) Within 365 days of Council approval of the BAS agreement, as required by § 47-1818.05, and annually thereafter during the term of an abatement granted pursuant to this subchapter, the Mayor shall submit a report to the Council on each BAS agreement approved by the Council detailing the level of compliance under each BAS agreement.