Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2853.117. Eligibility requirements.

An applicant for a license as a landscape architect shall establish to the satisfaction of the Board of Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture that the applicant:

(1) [Repealed].

(2) Is a graduate of a degree program in landscape architecture accredited by an accrediting institution, as prescribed by rule, or has completed an education program in landscape architecture, as prescribed by rule, that is the equivalent of an accredited landscape architectural degree program; and

(3)(A) Has passed examination on the practice of landscape architecture, as prescribed by rule;

(B) Meets any other requirements prescribed by rule that demonstrate to the Board that the applicant has the proper training, experience, knowledge, and qualification to practice landscape architecture; or

(C) Meets the requirement of subsection (1) of this section and holds a valid license to practice landscape architecture issued by another state or territory of the United States if the Board determines the criteria for issuance of such license are substantially identical to the licensure criteria prescribed by the District of Columbia in this act [this part] or rules pursuant to this act [this part] at time of application.